Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6th - Grilled Pork Satay

Feliz Seis De Mayo...or Not!
Yippee...I'm finally over my really bad case of stomach cramps from the crappy (literally) burrito!  That's reason to celebrate in and of itself.  Not to whine again, but I'm flippin tired.  Today was a dog day at school.  8 Hours of nothing but baking and pastry lab with a half hour break in there somewhere.  Don't get me wrong, I love doing it, but EXHAUSTING!

Let's get to the food so I can go to bed.

Peanut Butter: $2.00
Limes: $0.69
Soy sauce: had
Ginger: had
Garlic: had
Red pepper: had
Pork $4.19

Total: $6.88

I just picked up some thick cut pork chops and cut them into thin strips.  Worked great and was quite easy.

If you're going to grill these satays, I suggest you soak the wooden skewers in some water for at least an hour.  This prevents them from burning on the grill.  The longer they soak (for up to 2 hours), the less they'll burn.


FAST:  Preping and marinating the pork took no longer than 16 minutes.  Cooking only took about 6 minutes.  So you're looking at satay in about 22 minutes.

EASY:  The marinade is throw together.  The hardest part will be not sticking yourself with the wooden skewers as you try to thread the meat onto them.

FRESH:  It's the fresh ginger and lime juice that make all the difference in the satay.   They're  crisp and clean and come through the heavy peanut butter flavor.

OVERALL:  Brian and I really liked these.  They're so easy and delicious.  I would make these again for company.  It's your typical satay recipe, but quite good.  I'm a little surprised on the ease of this recipe.

Tomorrow is a wierd beet and chickpea dip....hmmm....see ya then!

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