Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 11th - Turkey Cutlets Piccata

Oy!  Major Fraud!
Okay, you'll notice that this blog is a day late.  In the spirit of full disclosure (no song here Joy), I must tell you that I absolutely had no time to blog yesterday.  I taught in the morning/afternoon and then spent the entire rest of the evening with awesome Joy from Wisconsin seeing the most fantastic "Billy Elliott" at the Oriental Theater.   (I highly recommend the show!)  We got home at 11 p.m. and I was in no mood to cook (but I was in the mood to "Dance Billy, Dance").

So you get two blogs for the price of one.  The recipe for today will be coming shortly.

UPDATE:  Apparently I got an e-mail about my cake for the fundraiser on Monday and it went for $1200.  That's Crazy!!  I'm so glad that I could help out for such a great cause.  That makes it definitely worth all the hard work.

I'll be taking orders now for 2011 for my chocolate cake.  Please make your $1200 checks payable to SuperStar Chef Mark. 

Flour: had
Turkey Cutlets: $5.29
Butter: had
Veggie oil: had
Lemon juice: $1.59
White wine: $3.99
Parsley: had (from my herb garden)
Capers: had

Total: $ 10.87


FAST: I was able to throw this recipe together in less than 15 minutes.  The turkey cutlets were so thin that they only needed to cook for 3 minutes.  The sauce was a 2 minute throw together.

EASY: The hardest part of this recipe would be trying to find the turkey cutlets.  I had to go to two different grocery stores.

FRESH: Not at all.  Guest taster, Joy, said that it was very blah.  It needed "flavor". 

OVERALL:  We discussed how to amp up the flavor of the piccata or in Joy's words "make it taste like something that doesn't suck".  I thought maybe you could sprinkle some parmesan on it, but Joy (and Brian) say to scrap the whole thing.  It's a good recipe if you've got nothing in the house or very little in your pantry.  I'm more of a fan of chicken (yes, I know this is turkey) Marsala.  It's basically what I made here but using Marsala wine instead of white wine and lemon and adding some fresh sauteed mushrooms.  Mmm...that sounds good.

Okay, I will make the asparagus later tonight and post it here.  See ya later!


joan said...

Tell that girl to go home! She is messing up your schedule!

By the way - your cake looked gorgeous and yummy! Whoever got it is very lucky!

Hope you are having fun w/Joy!

nik.zimm said...

$1200!!!!!! OMG - and I really mean that. Awesome. Did you hear what the others went for? BTW, the check's in the mail.