Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28th - Grilled Pesto Breadsticks with Goat Cheese Pesto Spread

I have to tell you that I have always made my own pesto.  I purposely grow a lot of basil in the summer to make a huge batch and then freeze (it works great in ice cube trays).  If I don't have pesto in the freezer, then I go without.  It has never crossed my mind to go to the store and buy already made pesto until this recipe.  Cause guess what?  No pesto in the freezer.  And with the project that I've been working on, no time to make my own.  So I discovered the pesto section (well, shelf really) of my grocery store.  Not much to choose from, so we'll see how it tastes.


Pesto: $2.99
Goat Cheese: $3.99
Bread: $1.99
Olive oil: had

TOTAL: $8.97


FAST:  The pesto/goat cheese was really quick in the food processor.  2 minutes tops?  Then the bread took another 5 to prep, coat, and then broil.  In less than 10 minutes, you've got an appetizer.

EASY:  The hardest part will be cutting up the bread.  You've got to split the bread, as if you're making a sandwich, and then cut those halves into strips.  Just think bread stick shapes and you'll be fine. 

FRESH: Pesto and goat cheese.  Yummy.  The jar pesto wasn't that bad.  Now homemade pesto....YUMMY IN THE TUMMY!!

OVERALL:  This is a simple, easy appetizer.  Brian really liked the bread and said he'd eat that by itself.  I liked the goat cheese/pesto spread.  (I'm actually going to toss that in some just cooked pasta with some chopped tomatoes and cooked broccoli for dinner tonight.  I think it's going to be great.)  The cheese/pesto would be a great addition to any cheese plate as well.

Okay, now we just have to get dessert out of the way, and I'll be all caught up!

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