Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5th - Polenta with Bacon and Fontina

I have been in the mood for a burrito since yesterday.  So I decided that today would be the day to splurge on calories and to get one.  I called my friend Nikki (frequent commentor on this blog) and we headed out for a margarita and burrito.   Went to this place in town and it was packed.  45 minute wait!  WHAT??  And then we had awful service, way too salty margaritas, and burritos that were meh.  And now, 2 hours later, I feel sick.  It's 8:30 p.m. and I am just now doing my blog for the day.  I've been at school most of the day working on my chocolate cake for Monday.  Also, Brian has had a touch of the stomach flu (aka diarrhea) this evening and is in bed pretty much dead to the world.   Phew what a crappy cinco de mayo.  I hope seis de mayo is much better.

Ham: $1.49
Onion: had
Garlic: had
Chicken broth: $2.00
Corn: had
Polenta: $2.99
Fontina Cheese: $3.12
Parmesan Cheese: $2.23
Parsley: had

Total: $11.83

I totally forgot to get bacon and I ain't going this late at night to get any.  I have ham and am using that instead.


FAST:  The prep took me 5 minutes.  The polenta cooked for a total of 35 minutes (that includes the stuff you do before you add the polenta like frying the onions and waiting for the broth to come to a boil).  So, overall this recipe took 40 minutes.

EASY:  Really easy.  The prep is the hardest part of the recipe.  The only difficulty you may have is standing at the stove and stirring frequently for at least 18 minutes (the time it takes to cook the polenta alone).

FRESH:  The corn and parsley are the standouts that make this fresh tasting.

OVERALL: It's actually really good.  Now, I'm sure it would have been even better with the bacon (because bacon makes everything taste better), but the ham was a good stand in with the cheeses.   The corn and parsley were nice little surprises in there as well.  The only problem I can see people having with this recipe is the whole thing looks (and has the texture) of gruel.  It's a thick poridgy mess.  But don't let the looks fool you, it's actually a good (and filling) meal.  I will have to definitely make this again (with bacon) and won't hesitate serving this to company.

Tomorrow is pork satay!  See ya then!

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