Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13th - Campanelle Pasta with Burrata Cheese, Spinach, Lemon, and Toasted Almonds

Not So Good Today...
I'm feeling really run-down today.  I think it is a sign of oncoming sickness.  Boo!!  I just need to take some sleeping pills tonight and sleep in tomorrow.  Hopefully, that'll help me shake it off.

So, I got an e-mail that my cake photo is published on the Les Dames Chicago website!  Woo hoo!! Check it out at:

There's a better shot of it here (scroll down to the seventh picture):

THE RECIPEIngredients
Campanelle pasta: $1.99
Butter & Olive Oil: had
Garlic: had
Lemon: $0.59
Spinach: $2.99
Almonds: Had
Cheese: $2.19

TOTAL: $7.76

So, I'm still unable to find burrata cheese.  This is the second recipe that calls for it.  I haven't been able to locate it anywhere!!!  So, I substituted buffalo mozzarella.

Campanelle pasta is the one that is shaped like a little flower or bell.  I didn't have any trouble finding it.  I suppose you could use any shape, but I actually like the look of the campanelle.


FAST: The pasta took about 10 minutes to cook.  While I was waiting for the water to boil, I chopped the garlic, fried it up, and added the lemon juice (about 5 minutes total).  As the pasta was cooking, I toasted the almonds.  Total time was about 15 to 20 minutes tops from start to finish.

EASY: Toasting the almonds can get tricky.  I just used a dry fry pan and toasted them on the stove top.  As soon as they start to get golden brown, I shut off the heat and continue to stir the almonds.  The residual heat in the pan helps to get them nicely toasted without burning.

FRESH: An overwhelming YES!  Lemon, spinach, buffalo mozzarella and toaste almonds.  It's a party in my mouth.

OVERALL:  This is such a simple, yet delicious recipe.  I was a little surprised at how well it turned out.  I love the unexpected crunch of the almonds!  And, the spinach naturally wilting in the hot pasta keeps that spinach flavor without the soggy sauteed spinach texture.  Just watch the adding of the lemon juice to the garlic (it turned my garlic blue).   I didn't saute the garlic as long as I should have and kept the lemon juice and garlic cooking longer than necessary.   Oh well.

I am off to make some camomile tea, take two sleeping pills, and watch some mindless T.V.!

Tomorrow we've got chicken skewers! See ya then!


nik.zimm said...

The photos of the cakes were marvelous. She is a great photographer. Some of those cakes were SO beautiful!

ptaaccounting said...

I found a great place that makes fresh ricotta, mozzarella and burrata not too far from my house. I use the burrata all the time on a panzanella salad with grilled vegetables and a champagne, dijon dressing. It is delicious.

You can order from them online at

hanks for the pasta recipe. I am going to try it tonight.