Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 22 & 23 - Strawberry Mascarpone And Marsala Budini

The Amazing Budini
Ugh, it is hot and sticky and I am not ready for this weather!  It's going to help the tomatoes I planted, but it's not going to do a thing for me except keep me indoors with the A/C on high! 

The dessert for this weekend is super easy, super delicious, and Italian!  Budini means "pudding" and is used rather loosely.  The consistency of the pudding can vary from really super soft to something rather dense.  And don't even get me started on flavors.  They are infinite and are only limited by your imagination. 

This dessert is perfect for the hot, mugginess outside.  Although, I will be enjoying mine indoors watching the last episode of my favorite T.V. show in the world....LOST!   I do have to say this season kind of bit, but I'm excited to see how they end it all.  After tonight, I won't have any shows to tune into regularly (except Modern Family).  I guess that's good.  It'll give me more time to read and cook (like I'm not doing that that is).


Marscarpone Cheese: $2.19
Marsala: had
Heavy whipping cream: $1.29
Sugar: had
Strawberries: $1.50
Amaretti: had

Total: $4.98

FAST:  This recipe is really quick to throw together, but you have to let the cream and berries sit in the fridge for 30 minutes before you can assemble your dessert.  Then, after it's assembled, you need to let it sit 30 minutes more.  So, you won't be eating budini for at least an hour.

EASY:  The hardest part you'll have with this recipe is not eating up all the wonderful strawberries before you get a chance to slice them.

FRESH:  I had super ripe strawberries which put the letter R in the word FRESH.   Garnish with some fresh mint leaves and you've got yourself one heck of a summer recipe.

OVERALL:  Great recipe.  If you don't want to go as heavy (or as expensive) as mascarpone, you can use cream cheese.  Also, you can use any other sweet dessert wine or even liquor in place of the Marsala.  I wouldn't mind trying this again with a little Chambord or Grand Marnier.  The amaretti are a must in this recipe.  You have got to search them out (look in Italian grocery stores) because they add a great crunch to the overall dessert.  MMMMM....we've got a winner with this one and I suggest you try it!

Okay, I'm going to hunker down now for Lost.  We'll see you Tuesday!

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