Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20th - Tuna, White Bean & Roasted Pepper Salad with Creamy Dijon Dressing

Aw, Lettuce
So the lettuce we planted has finally started coming up!  There is such a difference in taste between homegrown lettuce and store bought.  We planted a loose leaf mix and some romaine-ish type head lettuce.  What's great about growing lettuce is that you can keep growing more and more throughout the summer.  It's pretty low maintenance.  So the picture above is a 50-50 mix of homegrown and store bought!

Mayonnaise: had
Olive oil: had
Dijon mustard: had
Champagne vinegar: had
Baby greens: $1.99
White beans: $1.00
Roasted red peppers: had
Red onion: $0.88
Tuna: $1.75
Kalamata olives: $1.91

TOTAL: $7.53

FAST: The dressing took me 5 minutes to make.  The prep for the rest of the salad (including opening the cans of tuna and draining them) took about 10 minutes.  So, this salad can really be thrown together in about 15 minutes.

EASY: Really the hardest part of this whole thing is opening the cans and draining the tuna well.

FRESH: Very much so.  Everything works together great.  The creaminess of the beans and the saltiness of the kalamata olive play off the red onion and pungency of the dijon dressing.  Throw in some garden fresh lettuce and you've got a hit on your hands. 

OVERALL:  My least favorite part of this whole salad is the tuna.  I really would have enjoyed this recipe more without it.  Unless canned tuna is mixed up with some mayo to make tuna salad, then I don't really care for it.  I suppose you could mix in the tuna with the bean/red pepper mixture, but I think a total veggie version would be just fine.

Tomorrow is cocktail time!!! Exciting.  See you then.

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