Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4th - Striped Bass with Garlic Herb Oil

Oh Fishsticks!
Hey everyone.  Did you have a good Monday?  I did.  Rest and relaxation for a change.  Although I did do a little more for that cake on Monday the 10th.  Don't worry, snapping away pictures..you'll get to see it. 

WHINING ALERT:  I'm exhausted.  Lectured back to back today for 4 hours to my new students in baking and pastry.   There's a lot of them: 25 in one class and 27 in another.  YIKES!  So, not so much chatter from me today!  Lets get to the food!  I'm starving.

Knowing my record, do you really think I got striped bass for this recipe?  BUZZ!  I didn't.  I got ocean pearch instead, because it was much cheaper. 

This recipe is deceptively simple, I'm wondering if it'll be any good?

Olive oil: had
Garlic: $1.00 (when did garlic prices go up?)
Crushed red pepper: had
Lemon: $0.33
Marjoram (fresh): $1.99
Fish: $6.99
Italian Parsley: $0.69

Total: $11.00


FAST:  The fish has got to "marinade" with the oil for 30 minutes.  The oil itself only takes 5 minutes to make.   Tack on another 6 minutes to cook the fish and you're looking at 41 - 45 minutes tops to make this recipe.

EASY:  Super Duper.  There's nothing to it.  You don't even have to chop anything if you don't want to (except the parsley for garnish).

FRESH:  Not too bad.  The marjoram is overpowering a little, but you do get a hint of lemon.

OVERALL:  Not bad.  The marjoram needs to be cut with another herb.  Maybe put some parsley in the oil too?  I'd like some sliced green onions as well.  Watch the red pepper flakes.  You'll make it too spicy if you put too much.  Needs a little tweeking, but a good start to an easy meal.

Tomorrow is polenta.  I haven't made that since culinary school!  See ya then!

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