Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 9th - Green Onion Biscuits

Still Enfermo
Well folks, I'm still sick.  I actually think I'm worse than yesterday.  But, I was able to whip these biscuits up no problem because the recipe was so simple.  I just wish it wasn't so hot out.  Because the oven was on, I ended up opening the doors and shutting off the A/C.  Normally, I would cool myself off with a chilled gin martini.  But, being sick and medicated, I've got to stick to water.  BOO!!

You'll love this recipe.  They're so good.  I skipped the part about brushing with melted butter because I wanted to get the true taste of these biscuits.  Also, I ended up using a good amount of flour on the table when kneading/turning the dough (as instructed in the recipe).  Just make sure to have the extra flour handy so you're not playing Edward Dough Hands and making a mess of your kitchen trying to get to it (from experience). 


Flour: had
Baking Powder: had
Salt & Pepper: had
Whipping Cream: $2.99
Green Onion: $1.00

Total: $3.99

FAST: These biscuits took me about 7 minutes to prep (including green onion chopping time).  They baked about 15 minutes in my oven (because it runs too hot).  So about 22 - 25 minutes for some really good biscuits.

EASY:  OMG, YES!  The hardest part was waiting for them to cool down enough to eat! 

FRESH:  The green onion does it here.  Make sure you put in a touch more pepper than it calls for.  It helps to make the green onion flavor pop!

OVERALL:  Love these!!  I'm keeping this recipe for the next time company comes over.  Simple and easy, they'll think you slaved all day to make these.  I would love to put some cooked bacon bits into the dough.  Nah, I'll just keep them they way they are.  

Tomorrow we've got some interesting tacos.  See ya then!

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