Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 8th - Turkey Chopped Salad with Spicy Avocado Dressing

I Hate Being Sick
Being sick, especially when the weather is warm out, sucks.  I have a bad chest cold/sinus infection and I've been medicating myself up for the past few days.  So, you'll pardon me if these blog posts are a little shorter than normal and more straight to the point.  I've been sleeping a lot more than usual.

Avocado: $0.59
Lime: $0.19
Chili-garlic Sauce: $2.99
Chicken: $3.05
Jicama: $0.89
Red Onion: $0.84
Red Pepper: $1.02
Cilantro: $0.33
Romaine Lettuce: $2.99

Total: $12.89

I decided to substitute out chicken for the turkey.  I found a great deal on boneless, skinless chicken thighs so I just rubbed them with the BBQ rub I had in the pantry and sauteed them.  Perfect and tasty.

FAST: The chicken took about 15 minutes to cook.  The dressing took 2 minutes to make (because you put everything in a food processor).  The salad took only 15 minutes to put together (this included prep time for all the veggies).  Overall, 30 to 35 minutes.  I'm sure it would be even quicker if you used already cooked turkey (like the recipe calls for).

EASY:  The dressing is really simple since you're using a food processor.  The prep of the veggies isn't too difficult except for the jicama.  That took a little bit longer.  Patience grasshopper!

FRESH:   You're darn tootin'.  Its a salad for gosh sakes!

OVERALL:  This was a really good salad.  I ended up squeezing a bit more lime juice onto my salad as it seemed like it needed it.  Otherwise, the dressing was a nice combination of creaminess and zing.  The BBQ rub on the chicken worked great and the jicama and red pepper were a nice touch of crunch.  I really liked this recipe.  I think I would actually make it again, but add a bit more lime juice to the dressing or maybe even add some cilantro to the food processor.

Tomorrow we've got biscuits!  See ya then!

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