Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 12 & 13 - Lemon and Anise Sugar Twists

It's Sunday!
Feeling somewhat better today.  Went with Brian and Nikki to see Sex and the City 2.  My review is...meh.  Didn't care for it so much, but it got me out of the house for 2 1/2 hours which I needed.  I've been cooped up in there since Thursday Night.

After the movie we came back to the house and had a Thanksgiving in June meal.  I made a free range turkey that I've had in the freezer for a while.  Thawed it out on Friday and brined it on Saturday.  Turned out excellent.  Brian made the stuffing, sweet potatoes, and green beans.  Yumm! 
So for this blog entry I've got a guest taster, Nikki!


Puff Pastry: $3.19
Egg and Milk: Had
Sugar: had
Lemon Peel: had
Aniseed: $2.99

TOTAL: $6.18

So I finally found anise seed at a grocery store I haven't been to yet.  And I found a butt load of it for $2.99.  Yeah for me!  I've got anise seed for the next 2 years.


FAST:  You need to dethaw your puff pastry for at least 40 minutes.  The assembly took less than 5 minutes and they bake for about 20 (16 in my oven).  So, I would say they were pretty quick.
EASY:  Yeah, just make sure you don't let your puff pastry thaw too much on the counter, otherwise it'll be impossible to work with. 

FRESH: I would say the anise seed and the lemon zest give it a somewhat fresh taste.  It's much better than using fake anise extract.

OVERALL:   I thought they were okay.  They needed more sugar in my opinion.  They would be a great garnish for a bigger dessert of some sort.  Maybe ice cream or sorbet?  They'd be a nice addition to an after-dinner cookie tray with coffee.  Nikki gives it a 6 out of 10 and Brian says "that's fair". 

Next week we've got some pretty simple dishes.  We'll see ya then!

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