Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2nd - Bistro Oven Fries with Parsley and Garlic

I absolutely love potatoes.  Whether boiled, baked, mashed, scalloped, au gratin, roasted, or made into a salad, I could eat nothing but potatoes!  However, I get insane when it comes to French fries.   I have an unhealthy (literally) obsession with them!!  (Yes, I love them more than Butter Pecan Ice Cream).  If I could eat nothing but French fries everyday for the rest of my life and not have any unhealthy side effects from them, I would!  When I go out to eat and order a sandwich and they come with, I usually say screw the coleslaw give me more fries.  And this, my friends, is where the fight begins.

Brian does not like French fries.  He frowns (well, scowls) every time I order them.  I get that look of "Do you really think you need to eat those?".   I put on my own scowly face that says "Yes, I think I need to eat these, now back off."  Every time we go out to eat.  It's like clockwork.  I tell him that I'm going to get fries and he tries to lay a guilt trip on me.  Every once in a while he'll win the fight and I order either a side of fruit or salad instead of fries (just to appease him).  But then the table next to me gets their food and of course their plates are loaded with fries.  I think "Man, look at what I'm missing out on.  Oh, I bet they're so good.  Stupid fruit.  Stupid salad.  Stupid fries.  Thanks for nothing Brian."

My name is Mark and I am a French fry addict.


Ingredients:Potatoes: $1.07
Canola oil: had
Parsley: (from garden)
Garlic: had

TOTAL: $1.07

FAST:  The fries took me maybe 7 minutes to cut and another 30 minutes to bake (my oven is a little wonky and I didn't follow the recipe cook time).  So you can have these fries in about 37 - 40 minutes.

EASY:  Cutting the fries so that they are all the same size can be difficult, especially if you're not very confident about your knife cutting skills.  You could buy either a mandoline or a french fry cutter (often sold in kitchen supply stores like Williams Sonoma) if you're going to make french fries often.  Otherwise, you better start practicing because they are pretty expensive.

FRESH: The parsley is actually a fresh touch to what could be ordinary fries.  I'm thinking next time maybe some rosemary.
OVERALL:  Brian says that there is no such thing as a healthy French fry.  Whether it's baked or deep fried, they're still bad for you.  I ignore that because I CANNOT live without my french fries.  It is nice to know that I can use this simple recipe to do home fries (that are at least healthier than deep fried've got to agree with that Brian).  Although they don't compare to Burger King fries, they're still good.  And the herb salt is a nice touch and can be improvised with many different flavor combinations.

Okay.  Tomorrow I make lamb.  See ya then!


NikiTheo said...

So I am curious, is he anti-potato all together? B/c if you bake a fry w/ minimal amount of fat, then isn't it better than a baked potato w/ sour cream and butter or mashed potatoes w/ cream and butter and all that? Or even worse, au gratin? Although, I do understand his concern of fried potatoes... but baked at home? That's not so bad!! And these look yummy. :)

SuperStar Chef Mark said...

Good question. I'll have to do some further investigating to see if he's a potato hater.