Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8th - Asian Seared Tuna Pepper Steaks

A Ho-Hum Day
The weather is so gloomy today.  It doesn't excite me or motivate me.  It just makes me want to sit around and do nothing.   Maybe curl up on the couch with a blanket and watch some Judge Judy?  But, alas, I cannot because I have a recipe to do.

And then I looked at the recipe for today.  It matches the weather outside.  Boring and ho-hum.  It was so "meh" that I made rice to go with it.    That's about the extent of my creativity today.

You'll notice I did not do Ahi tuna.  All the markets I went to had sad (very sad) looking tuna steaks.  I wasn't going to spend my hard earned money on yucky tuna.  However, I did find swordfish!  I figured since I was on this "trying new things" kick, I would try swordfish.

The recipe suggest oven roasted sweet potatoes with this dish, but I just did a plain rice.   You could make a nice vegetable fried rice to go with the fish.  But, it will definitely need something flavorful to be paired with it.  Maybe a pickled salad of some sort (cucumber)?


Fish: $7.89
Pepper: had
Sesame Oil: had
Soy Sauce: had
Dry Sherry: had
Green Onions: $0.99

Total: 8.88


FAST:  This recipe takes no time at all.   I think I was done with the fish and the sauce in like 7 minutes.

EASY:  There is really nothing to chop except the green onions (for optional garnish).  Do, however, have a lid or a splatter screen handy when you add the liquid to the pan.  It will sputter everywhere and make a big mess (you've been warned).

FRESH:  No.  It's blah.  There's no taste except for soy and pepper.  Yes, they're suppose to be peppered steaks, but that's all it is.   It's one-dimesional.

OVERALL:  I don't know what to think of this recipe.  There are so many other good fish recipes out there.  Even if I didn't feel like cooking (which I really don't today) and had to throw something together for dinner, I would be a lot more creative than this.   Sorry Bon Appetit, this is a big FAIL!

Tomorrow is a goat cheese spread (and Brian's birthday).  Yum (and fun).  See ya then.

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