Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22nd - Spicy Grilled Chicken and Green Onions

So, I've gotten more than a few e-mails and phone calls from friends and family asking about rice being a PHF (potentially hazardous food).  Let me explain. 

PHF's are foods which can promote "rapid and progresive growth of infectious or toxigenic microorganisms" (FDA Food Code) if not taken care of properly.  PHF's have moisture, protein, and are slightly acidic.  They include foods such as meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk & dairy products, raw sprouts, tofu & soy protein foods, untreated garlic and oil mixtures, and heat-treated plant food (like cooked beans, vegetables, baked potatoes, and cooked rice).

You can make sure that you don't get sick off of these items by:

1. Keeping them out of the temperature danger zone of 40 F and 140 F.  (That means either keep it below 40 or higher than 140).

2. (In the case of cooked rice) Not keeping them too long as pathogens will begin to multiply exponentially the longer it sits.

I hope that clears up things a bit.  I don't know the chemical make-up/science behind rice so I can't get much more detailed than that.  Just make sure to not eat really old fried rice and you should be fine.


Veggie oil: had
Hot pepper sauce: had
Honey: had
Paprika: had
Green onions: had (from yesterday's recipe)
Chicken: $3.39

Total: $3.39

It's time to bust out the barbecue.  We traded in our gas grill for a charcoal one.  We don't use it that often, so I'm not worried about the whole carcinogen/charcoal debate.  This recipe kind of reminds me of the sauce you make for hot wings.  It's usually a stick of melted butter combined with Frank's Red Hot sauce.  This has some honey in it, so I'm thinking it will have a great glazing effect to the chicken.  Let's find out....


FAST:  My chicken breasts were a little fat, so I split them open so they wouldn't take as long to cook.  Marinating takes 10 minutes, cooking another 12, and then a few minutes of rest.  So you're looking at about 25 to 30 minutes total.

EASY:  The marinade is super easy.  Grilling chicken is pretty easy too (especially if you have a gas grill).  The hardest part of this recipe is to not get the marinade all over your kitchen floor (like I did).

FRESH:  The grilled green onions are a must with this recipe.  They provide the freshness to the dish.  Otherwise, you'll just have some chicken that tastes like buffalo wings.

OVERALL:  I like this recipe.  The marinade is quite simple and easy.  It would go well with some blue cheese or ranch dipping sauce.  The grilled green onions also compliment the chicken well.  Make sure you don't skip them.  I would make this again and use the chicken for sandwiches.

See ya tomorrow!

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