Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 3 & 4 - Mixed Berries with Mascarpone Limoncello Cream

Hoppy Easter!!
Well, one of my favorite food holidays is here!  Brian and I are headed to my parents house for the afternoon to eat and hang out with the family.  My family has the traditional Polish Easter food:  ham, Polish sausage, sauerkraut, grated beets with horseradish, lots of rye bread, and cheesecake.  My grandma will bring her potato salad and my sister will bring her cheesy potatoes.  Although the food is the same every year, it's good.  I think one year we'll have to switch things up and have a turkey.   Mmmm....turkey!

So last night Brian and I sat and decorated sugar cookies for 3 hours for his people at work.  I think they turned out pretty cool.  Here's a pic:

And now, I will partake in one of my favorite parts of Easter...the decapitation of the chocolate Easter bunny.  Yum!!



Whipping cream: $1.29
Mascarpone cheese: $3.99
Sugar: had
Limoncello: had
Fresh berries: $2.00
Raspberry preserves: had
Lemon peel: $0.59

Total: $7.87

I finally used up the last reminder of my time in Italy, the limoncello.   I bought it while I was out there (2 years ago) and it's been in my fridge ever since.  

The recipe calls for fresh berries and I found some great strawberries for $1 a pound.   


FAST:  Cutting up the strawberries was probably the longest part of this whole recipe.  The cream whips up pretty quick.  I would say this recipe took about 15 minutes total.

EASY:  The cream was really easy, it's just throw everything in a bowl and use a hand beater to blend.  Washing and cutting the strawberries was the hardest part.

FRESH: The lemon stands out from the cream and really gives it a punch.  You could make this even more fresh tasting with some fresh mint garnish.

OVERALL:  The strawberries worked really well with this cream.  Although I try to stay away from mascarpone because its not really good for you, I would make this recipe again (but with cream cheese).  Also, mascarpone can be hard to find (and expensive).   Not bad for a throw together dessert.  This would be a great topping for a lemon cake with berries.

Okay, this was really a quick entry, but I've got some chocolate bunny to eat.  Tomorrow is my day off, so I will see ya Tuesday!

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