Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29th - Grilled Veal Chops with Warm Tomato Olive Vinaigrette

The Veal World - Chicago
Yes, we have no veal chops, we have no veal chops today....

So I didn't get the veal for this recipe.  I, instead, got steaks.  I don't know if Chicago has become anti-veal or what, but I went to 3 grocery stores and could not find veal chops.  So, I gave up (because it's so easy to do).  My militant vegetarian pal, Lauren, would be estatic that I'm not participating in the slaughter of baby cows; but, I'm sad to say, it is by sheer laziness and not by some political agenda that I make this choice. 

Deliciousness descends in 3..2..1..


Meat: $5.29
Oil: had
Garlic: had
Tomatoes: $1.19
Kalamata olives: $2.12
Basil: $1.99
Red wine vinegar: had

Total: $10.59


FAST:  Cooking your meat will take you anywhere from 6 to 8 minutes depending on how you like it.  The vinaigrette will take about 7 minutes (including prep time).  So, you are looking at about 15 to 20 minutes total.

EASY:  Removing the seeds from the tomatoes will be your most difficult part of the process.

FRESH:  Nothing like good, fresh basil to help out a recipe using not-in-season tomatoes.

OVERALL:  I really like the recipe.  The vinaigrette was simple and good with the steaks (who needs veal, right Lauren?) This would be a good recipe to try with garden fresh tomatoes.  I would even like to put in a few chopped up green olives in this and maybe a sprinkle of some parmesan cheese.  

Diagnosis: If your sick of boring steaks, I would definitely recommend trying this new twist!

Tomorrow we've got some pretty interesting appetizers.  See ya then!

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Wally and Lulu said...

militant? not the word i would have chosen......
thanks for saving the baby cow.