Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14th - Herbed New Potatoes

So this year, I will be growing garlic, leeks, and fennel in the yard.  On the patio (in pots) I will be growing lettuce, tomatoes, dill, chervil, chives, parsley, and basil.  I want to try growing some hot peppers, but it'll have to be indoors (the seeds should have been started 8 weeks ago).

I though this year I should try and grow things that are a little more costly in the grocery store (like leeks and fennel).  Also, I can never find a grocery store that sells chervil.  Its a wonderful herb (used mainly in French cooking) that has a slight licorice flavor and goes perfect in omelets or with chicken.  It looks like mini-parsley, so its wonderful for garnishing.

This recipe is a good one to hold onto when your herb garden starts blooming.  I actually have some chives that have come back from last year and are ready to use.   I'd also like to try this with the chervil (if it works out).


New potatoes: $1.99
Olive oil: had
Garlic: had
Parsley: $0.59
Dill: $0.89
Chives: had

Total: $3.47

I used a mixture of parsley, dill, and chives.   I chopped up the leftover dill, put it in a glass mason jar with a lid on top, and stuck it in the freezer. My mom used to do this all the time and we'd have fresh dill year round.  Just make sure your dill is dried well with paper towel.  (I also do this with my chives because the darn plant just keeps getting bigger and bigger).


FAST:  Steaming takes about 10 minutes and then you cook them again in the oil/garlic/herbs for another 8.  So maybe 20 minutes tops?

EASY:  Not having to peel the potatoes makes this recipe a cinch.  Chopping your herbs will be the most difficult part.  Make sure you use a sharp knife or you may bruise your herbs and loose the bright green color.

FRESH:  It's fresh...fresh - exciting.  It's so exciting to me.  It's fresh...fresh  - exciting.

OVERALL:  Simple, easy, delicious.  Not overly complicated.  The more herbs you use, the more dimension of flavor you will get.  Just watch that you don't over cook your potatoes.

Tomorrow is Tostada Thursday!  See ya then!

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