Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21st - Rice Salad with Sugar Snap Peas, Mint, & Lime


Rice salad?  Really?  Sounds like it would be interesting, right?  Wrong.  Not so good (therefore, I'm not going to spend a lot of time today talking about it).  I also have a problem with this recipe in that cooked rice is a potentially hazardous food (PHF: restaurant term for something that can give you food poisoning).  Make sure you don't leave this salad out for a long time and that it's not in your fridge for more than a day or two.  (Also, I really recommend not keeping cooked rice from your Chinese take-out because it's a PHF).

I decided to use a brown basmati rice instead of white to be a little healthier.  


Salt: had
Rice: $1.99
Snap Peas: $1.49
Mint: had (from yesterday's recipe)
Green onions: $0.88
Olive oil: had
Limes: $0.49
Sugar: had

Total:  $5.62


FAST:  The rice needs to cook for 15 minutes and then cool for another 15 minutes.  So this recipe will take you at least a half hour.  You can get all the chopping done while the rice is cooking/cooling.

EASY:  Yeah. The rice cooking/cooling is the hardest part of this recipe.

FRESH:  The mint, snap peas, and lime really perk up this recipe, but it can't save it.

OVERALL:  I really didn't like it.  The salad was kind of blah.  It seems like it needs a better combination of ingredients.  Tomatoes?  Garlic?  More lime juice?  Peas?  It was really lack luster.  I'd rather have made tabbouleh.  Oh well.  I just hope we can eat most of it before I throw it away on Friday (it made a lot). 

Grilling time tomorrow!  See ya then!

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joybjoyful said...

I had no idea that cooked rice is a potentially hazardous food. Why is that, Professor Mark? Inquiring minds want to know!!