Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31st - Savoy Cabbage & Radicchio Slaw with Blood Orange Dressing

Happy Birthday Nathan!!
My little nephew turns 7 today! That was the age I was in 1985  (see yesterday's post) thinking about this year's birthday, which is tomorrow.  Yes, I'm an April Fool's Baby.  No, the doctor didn't say to my mom that I was a girl and then April Fools.  I think I've heard them all.

Symposium Cakes
So, every year the culinary school has a symposium which is basically a day of workshops and lectures dealing with all things culinary related based on the theme for the year.  This year's theme happened to be Chicago: Past, Present, and Future.  Along with other duties, they put me in charge of organizing the cake competition this year.  I decided, to make it really easy on everyone, to do styrofoam cakes with fondant.  The challenge for the students was to keep within the theme (Chicago: My Kind of Town) and to make sure that everything on their cake was edible (no wood, metal, plastic, etc.)  They worked in teams of two and we had 12 entries.  I am really proud of all of them because this was their first time working with fondant (which is not easy to work with). 

So here are the cakes.  Again, THESE ARE NOT MY CAKES!


2nd Place

Now folks, I did not judge so please don't send me comments about why this one won and this one didn't.  I had nothing to do with it.  They were judged on technical marks as well as artistic.  Anyway, those are the cakes.  Not too shabby.



Orange juice: $1.89
Rice Vinegar: had
Honey: had
Olive oil: had
Mayonnaise: had
Shallot: $0.99
Savoy Cabbage: $1.10
Raddichio: $2.29

Total: $6.27

I could not, for the life of me, find blood orange juice.  So, I did the substitution (supplied by the recipe) of mixing orange juice with pomegranate juice. (I don't see the vibrant color.)  Also, good luck finding radicchio.  I searched for it for 2 hours at all my local grocery stores.  Nothing.  Finally, I just happened  upon it by chance in my quest for lamb (which is tomorrow). 

Was the effort worth it?  Meh.  Its a very different slaw recipe which would be good for the upcoming summer picnic season, but it needs to be tweeked.  To me, I think it needs more vinegar or acid (lemon juice).  I don't think it's sour enough.  The pomegranate/orange juice is adds nothing.  I should have saved some money and used cranberry juice instead. 


FAST:  It's pretty quick.  It took maybe 15 to get everything chopped and mixed.   I, however, would let it sit in the fridge for a good hour to let the flavors marry before serving it.

EASY:  Chopping up the cabbage and radicchio could be a little challenging.  Just make sure to take off any outer leaves that look brown, cut the heads in half, and cut out the core.  Then, you can start slicing it into thin slices.  If you find your dressing is a little chunky, take a immersion blender to it (if you have one) or put it in the blender.  It will help thicken and emulsify the dressing. 

FRESH:  Yes.  It is really fresh tasting, but it could use a little grated orange zest to boost the orange flavor.

OVERALL:  This recipe is okay.  I'd have to play with it a little more before serving it to anyone.  I think a little orange or lemon zest would help boost up the flavor along with a little more rice vinegar.  Maybe a splash of soy to play up the asian characteristics of the slaw?

Tomrrow is my birf-day!  I'm so looking forward to it and making the lamb recipe.  I think I've only made lamb at home one other time (and that was lamb chops).  Exciting!  See ya tomorrow!


nik.zimm said...

Funny... When I was in Italy last week, Sorrento specifically, ALL I could find was blood orange juice. And in Assisi I had radicchio bruchetta. :)

Happy Birthday!

ஜCupcakeWhimsyஜ said...

awww and Nathan looks alot like you when you were a kid. so cute!
Still lovin the blog, btw.