Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 20 & 21 - Pineapple Coconut Pie

On Location...
So this blog is actually on location in Milwaukee as we are visiting my family!  (I decided to bring the pie fixings with me so they could partake in this project as well.)  The last time I've seen my family was Christmas, so I thought this would be a great weekend to trek up to Wisconsin and do a vistit.   Nothing too intensive, just a low-key/mellow few days of hanging out with the nephews.   

Joey deciding to do a spa treatment with his yogurt.



Pie crust: $2.19
Pineapple: $3.00
Sugar: had
Flour: had
Salt: had
Eggs: had
Butter: had
Coconut: had
Macadamia nuts: had

Total $5.19

I cheated this week (well, not according to the recipe) and bought a pre-made pie crust.  I hate doing it because of all the un-natural ingredients, but I needed something that could travel.


FAST:  Not really.  The make-up will take you about 15 minutes, the baking an hour 15 minutes, and cool-down another hour.  (I recommend making this pie the day before to really let the custard set.)

EASY:  Yes, especially if you buy an already made pie crust.  The tricky part may be cutting a fresh pineapple.  You can find already cut fresh pineapple in your produce department.  It's a little more expensive because of the labor involved, but it saves you some time.  (I'll post some pictures on how to easily cut a pineapple the next time I make this pie...which will be very soon). 

FRESH:  Most definitely.  There is a difference between using fresh pineapple and canned.  I recommend the fresh (so you don't have to worry about excess moisture making the crust soggy).

OVERALL:  This is a great pie.  I'm surprised I haven't seen a pineapple custard pie recipe before.  Now, the picture does not do it justice (because it was taken in my parent's laundry room), but this pie came out looking spectacular.  My family couldn't wait to eat this pie, so we cut into it while it was still warm.  It was good, but I'd like to try it again cooled off and set.   This will be another keeper recipe which I really recommend you should try. 

Monday is tip day and I'll be spending most of the day making a sheet cake at school for our upcoming symposium.   Our next recipe will be pork tenderloin...yummy!  See ya Tuesday!

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Protection said...

Great pie, tasted the very last piece after Mark baked it and served it to the family... Love those Macadamia nuts! Of course, the fresh pineapple used in this recipe was good too.