Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23rd - Spiced Pork Tenderloin

I have come to the realization that the path of my life will never be easy.   I'm not one of those lucky people who are blessed with good fortune everywhere they go.  You know the type.  They're always winning something or getting something for free or know someone who knows someone and "poof" they're a CEO.   I will forever be on the twisty path of life with the roadblocks and stumbling points.  I will have to work hard for everything that I want.  Things can never just go simply.  There are always complications. 

Whether it's busting open loaves of bread because I thought I could throw it into my shopping cart (but it hits the side and the bag breaks and bread goes everywhere), or finishing baking cakes at school and keeping my chef jacket clean (but then spilling coffee on it when I go to check my e-mail), my days are always filled with that extra step.  It's that extra something that always has to happen to zing me.  (Forgot to mention cooking at home, opened a cabinet, and having a stupid shot glass fall, bounce twice, and THEN break, right as I'm ready to plate it up).   

That all happened yesterday (plus add 2 paper cuts and Target messing up the printing of my pictures).  I wonder what will happen today? 


Olive oil: had
Garlic: had
Cumin: had
Cinnamon: had
Ground clovers: had
Pork tenderloin: $6.10
Chicken broth: $1.79
Cilantro: $0.49

Total: $8.38


FAST:  Not bad. The pork took a little longer than 20 minutes to cook (about 25).  The whole recipe took about 35 minutes from start to finish.

EASY:  Very.  You can actually marinate the pork ahead of time which will give it a better flavor.  The deglazing of the pan and the making of the sauce is a bit involved (a word of advice...make sure you don't burn yourself on the hot pan).

FRESH:  The cilantro gives it a kick of freshness.  Don't skip it...you'll need it. Otherwise, the "spiced" part of the tenderloin is a little one-dimensional.

OVERALL:  Brian really liked this recipe.  My problem with it is that it's sort of blah (lackluster if you will).  The deglazing the pan and making the sauce isn't worth the extra trouble.  I'd rather just make some sort of sauce seperately to go with the pork (which I think it definitely needs).  I think a really good, warm, roasted tomatillo salsa would be a perfect match for the cumin/cinnamon/clove flavor of the pork.

Mashed potatoes is next...See ya tomorrow!

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