Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Februrary 16th - Baby Eggplant, Olive and Herb Cheese Frittata

I'm Pathetic
Sorry, I'm going to get right to the recipe because Lost is on tonight.  It's the only show I watch on television.  (I've been getting into reading more.  Yes...actual physical books.  I decided I shouldn't be lazy anymore and so I'm weaning myself off books on CD).  So...you probably feel jipped, but we've got the whole rest of the week for smart-aleck comments.

The Recipe

Olive Oil: Had
Eggplant:  $0.89
Olives: 2.49
Basil: $1.19
Salt: Had
Boursin Cheese: $5.99

Total: $ 10.56

First off, I couldn't find the baby purple eggplants at my favorite grocery store and I wasn't going to trek it over to the Asian market (because I was feeling lazy), so I used a regular eggplant.

Second off, I thought the Boursin cheese would be hard to find.  It actually wasn't.  I REALLY like it.  The herb and garlic one is SO GOOD.  I've never had it before, but I will definitely be using it again for cheese plates or chesse type appetizers.  Yummy! 


Fast:  Will probably take you about 20 minutes in total (that's with prep and cooking time).  The eggplant makes it putzy because it has to cook for 10 minutes by itself. 

Easy:  You're basically making an omelet that you don't have to touch.  Heck ya it's easy. 

Fresh:  Yes.  The cheese, olives, and basil really pep up the recipe.  The eggplant gets kind of lost in the shuffle.

Overall:  It's okay.  It's not my most favorite frittata and I've definitely had worse.  I'd like to try it with kalamata olives next time.  Also, I'd skip the eggplant and use some nice diced fresh tomatoes. 

Okay...sorry, I'm off to see if Sayid is going to go all postal and what the heck Claire has been up to.  Tomorrow is some roasted radicchio (never thought of roasting it..hmmm..)


Crafty~Mama said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the way you've set up your blog - its easy to read & extremely helpful.
Greetings from Alfie at the Craft Pad (iLoveMail on Swap-bot)

Mary J. said...

It sounds good. Well, even though I'm a vegetarian, I'm not crazy about eggplant. I like the sound of olive and herb cheese, though.

Following you from swap-bot. I look forward to seeing what else you cook up. When I was on maternity leave, I tried a lot of new recipes. Of course, now that I'm working again, I'm pretty much too exhausted to cook sometimes.