Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3rd - 7th The Rest of The Recipes

Here are Wednesday through Sat/Sunday's recipes in order.  Enjoy!

February 3rd - Winter Salad with Hoisin Dressing

Total Cost $4.74


Fast:  Takes about 5 minutes from start to finish. 
Easy:  Open a can, cut some onions, make a dressing, and throw it together.  Really easy!
Fresh:  No.  The hoisin makes the flavor really dark.  Adding a touch of orange juice would brighten up the flavor and make it fresh tasting.

Overall:  I don't like it.  The dressing tastes like your typical Asian dressing you would make for a Chinese Chicken Salad.  Like I stated before, the hoisin makes the flavor too dark and heavy.  It needs to be lightened with some citrus.  And, I'm really never a fan of raw onions in a salad.  Hello stinky breath...

Februray 4th - Shrimp with Fennel, Dill, & Feta

Total Cost:  $20.41  (The most expensive recipe to date)


Fast:  Takes about 20 minutes total.  Not bad.

Easy:  Trying to thinly cut the fennel could be a little difficult.  (Don't worry if they are a little thick, it'll take a bit longer to saute, but they'll be okay.)  People get freaked out when cooking shrimp.  They're scared they'll overcook them.  Don't be's okay.  First, make sure you can devote time to just watching them (I swear if you step away, they'll overcook)  Second, just make sure they only get 1 minute on each side (unless they are really big). 

Fresh:  Yes.  Finally!  A honest to goodness fresh tasting recipe!  It's been a long time coming

Overall:  I like this recipe minus the feta cheese.  I don't know if its the combination of the shrimp and the feta, but it causes a reaction in my mouth that ain't good (I can only explain it as a metallic taste).  Take it out and enjoy a dairy free meal.  Would be great with an orzo salad.

Februrary 5th - Bresaola with Shaved Brussels Sprouts and Horseradish

Total Cost:  $6.41

Bresaola was really hard to find.  I went to an Italian Deli that has tons of deli meats, and they didn't even have it.  I ended up finding it at Trader Joe's.  You can definitely substitute thinly slice prosciutto or even a salami.  Don't kill yourself trying to find it.  Same thing with the fresh horseradish.  Just use bottled.

I don't like raw Brussels hurts my tummy.  So I threw them in boiling water for 3 minutes and then tossed them in ice water for 1.  Dry in on a towel and then cut. 

Fast:  Since the bresaola was already cut, I just had to make the Brussels sprouts salad.  That took maybe 10 minutes tops.  I didn't use a mandoline (which are more of a hazard then a help).  Just cut thin and watch your fingers!!

Easy:  Not bad.  Blanching and shocking the Brussels Sprouts (if you choose to do so) will be the hardest part.  Throwing it together is pretty easy.

Fresh:  It's good.  Not as fresh as the fennel with shrimp, but close.

Overall:  I am really starting to get into Brussels Sprouts.  I would rather have cut them raw, then roasted them (no oil) in a really hot oven.  (There is just something about that carmelized cabbage flavor that speaks to the Polish in me.)  Then I would have continued making the slaw like the recipe says.  I think it would have added a great dimension of flavor to the overall dish.   The horseradish is a throw away ingredient.  You don't need it. 

Februrary 6 & 7 - Ice Cream with Marsala and Currants

Total Cost: $6.37

Yes, the currant.  A relative of the dreaded raisin.  However, these are rehydrated in syrup, so they are actually tolerable. 

I'm actually lactose intolerant, so you'll notice in the picture how much ice-cream I actually ate.  It's tiny.  Enjoy this recipe my lactose tolerant friends!  My eyes are burning a hole of jealousy in each of your faces! 


Fast:  Will take about 20 minutes.  Ten minutes to cook and then ten minutes to cool down enough to pour over the ice cream.

Easy:  You ain't making ice cream here, just the you should have no trouble with this recipe.

Fresh:  The orange makes this recipe go from wow to KA-POW!

Overall:  Okay.  You have got to try this recipe!  Really.  It's super easy and nothing like you've ever tasted.  Treat yourself to some good vanilla gelato (or the expensive vanilla ice crean) and pour it on.  Amaretti cookies are a must!  You can find those at an Italian grocery store!  I would gladly spend time being sick from the milk to enjoy this recipe.  I'm surprised no one has made this an ice-cream flavor yet.

Alright kids....I'll be back on Monday.  Hopefully with some fun pictures and cool stories.  Don't miss me too much.


Director Ron said...

Ok, Pokey... so where did you go and did Bri go with you? And FYI... you're daily blogs are a highlight of my day. You make me laugh and make me drool (those recipes that you clutter around your words are actually looking delish!)

Nikki said...

OMG! You listed several as fresh! Wow, I am so glad and surprised.