Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15th - Tip Day

Welcome To The Funhouse....

Hey swap-boters.  Welcome to my blog project.  Have a look around.  There are some great recipes you should look at (like the February 6th and 7th-Ice Cream with Currants and Marsala & January 28th - Pork Medallions with Chili Maple Sauce).

This project started off with a daily calendar I got for Christmas ("Bon Appetit Fast, Easy, and Fresh").  I didn't know what I was going to do with it (I'm not a calendar person), so my first inclination was to just put it in a box somewhere in the garage.  But, as I started looking at it, I noticed that each day had a different recipe:

Monday = Tip Days, No recipe which means no cooking!
Tuesdays = Main Course
Wednesdays = Side Dish
Thursdays = Main Course
Fridays = Cocktails or Hors d'oeuvres
Saturdays and Sundays = Desserts

So I immediately thought I could do a total rip off of the Julie & Julia thing and cook my way through the entire year and rate the recipes on how Fast, Easy, and Fresh they actually are.  Not only would I be able to try new recipes and hoan my chef skills, but I would actually use the calendar I was given!   Honestly, it's only February and it's been a lot of hard work!

I've been balancing this project with my teaching job at a culinary school and a retail job.  Pepper in all the different activities I've been doing at the school (their fine dining series, symposium projects, research papers, and other catered events) and I've been one busy guy.  But I'm glad I've started this.  This project gives me an opportunity to tell some stories, give cooking tips, and share my chef life with all of you. 

So enjoy.  Oh and happy President's Day (hope you found a good deal on a mattress).  Come back tomorrow for some frittata!

To all my regular blog followers:  As you can tell, I did a little face lift on my blog.  Since spring will be coming soon, I thought it was time to spruce it up with a little greenery (to get into the mood).  Plus, the black was starting to depress me.  And sorry, Carly, I took your picture off my page.  It'll return at some point. 


Marybeth said...

Hi! You're blog looks great - just the inspiration I need to be a better chef! mbkufen from swap-bot

Michelle said...

This is TheMuseFactory from swap-bot, but I'm not technically supposed to be following you, I just am because your comment made me lol. Otherwise, I'm totally into men that cook. Do you think I could husband-swap?

As for me cooking, well, it's pretty much just as bad. Though one of my goals this year is cooking a signature dish from 6 different countries. I've done one, perhaps I'll find the other 5 here?

Anyway, I'll be following you in a completely creepy internet kind of way. Muahahaha.

: )

Tam Hess said...

I love the green! Great blog, it's inspiring me to cook! I'm not a very good cook. I think if I had the right cookware maybe I would be better at it...RIGHT? hehe

TangoAlphaMike @ Swapbot here!

Nyxie said...

Currants and icecream are so, so yummy.

(Nyxie following from Swapbot)

Chas said...

What a great idea! I love your photos of the food with the calendar! Great blog. One Woman's Haven from swap-bot.

Emma! said...

Wow thanks for the welcome! I'm emmanemhandmade from Swapbot, new follower. I really like your blog - that is smart to have daily set ideas to follow, good thinking! You've got some great recipes here and I'll definitely be back!

Ariel Bouvier said...

I'm happy to discover this blog because I love to cook. I am going to try the Onion and Poppy Seed Focaccia this week. The blog design looks fabulous.