Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday 11th - Tip Day

Tip #3 Sometimes Being Nice Is Worth It

I woke up today in a ho-hum mood.   Maybe ho-hum isn't the word I'm looking for.  I wasn't in a bad mood, but I wasn't in a good mood.  I guess I would describe it as...meh.  I was just in a meh mood. 

As I am sitting waiting for the train this morning inside the train station, a bunch of people start gathering around me.  (There is very limited seating in the train station and everyone just stands around once the seats are filled up).  There was a lady who had two bags in her hands.  She seemed like she could have used a seat.  I was going to offer her my seat, but....meh.  I didn't.  Normally, I would, because I'm a gentleman, but I didn't feel like being nice today.  She just stared at me.

As I am on the train, I put my bag on the seat next to me and my chef coat over it.  The train was packed today and everyone around me had someone sitting next to them.  As we stopped at more stops and people got on, the new passangers would walk up to me, stop, and then walk on.   I was going to move my bag, but...meh.  I didn't.  Normally, I would because I would be the one stuck with no seat.  But, again, I didn't feel like being nice today.

At the grocery store, this evening,  I started putting my stuff on the checkout conveyer belt.  I was shopping for the week (yeah, I peeked at the recipes for this week.  I'm done with the multiple visits to the grocery store). As I finish, I look at the guy behind me and he only had four items.  I was going to let him go ahead of me, but...meh.   I didn't.  Normally, I would because I really am a nice guy on other days.  But, not today.  He just stared at me.

So I get home, put the groceries away, and head into the bedroom to change into my jammies.  Lo and behold, my zipper had been down the entire day!  Ain't karma a bitch.


Nikki said...


ஜCupcakeWhimsyஜ said...

ha ha

pandagirl37 said...

maybe that's why everyone was staring! :P

joybjoyful said...

so was there no recipe for the 11th? That sucks. And PS - I'm glad Karma bit you in the ass!!

SuperStar Chef Mark said...


And you call your self a loyal reader? Jeeze.

On Monday's there are no recipes in the calendar. Instead they give you helpful tips which aren't very helpful and not really tips. So, I offer my own tips to you.

alex.eva.lang said...

hehehehe.... FRIGGIN HILLARIOUS!!!!