Friday, January 22, 2010

January 22nd - Marinated Olives with Tangerine and Rosemary

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater as I made the grocery list for the recipes earlier this week, I noticed this recipe had to marinate for at least 2 days.   To be honest, I made these olives Monday night.  So techincally I didn't make "the recipe for today" today.  Yeah I cheated!  But in order for me to taste the final product I had to.  Don't judge me.

What you don't see in this picture is the wonderful brandy old fashion that I made myself and am partaking in right now.  DEEE-licious.  I figured I deserve it (after this crazy week).  And, I don't feel like cooking so I'm going to get some Chinese take out from this new place that just opened up down the street.  Holler!  Orange Chicken y'all!

How disappointing... The orange chicken is mediocre at best.  The eggroll is okay and the fried rice is good..but I'm not wowed (it's no "wow to pow", more like "hype to tripe") Oh well.  Someday I will find you orange chicken.  You and me all the way.  (Shhh..don't tell Brian.)

The Recipe


Assorted olives: $4.99
Tangerine:  $0.89
Rosemary $1.99
Fennel seeds: Had
Coriander seeds:  Had -from the salmon recipe
Crushed red pepper: Had

Total: $7.87

I didn't get the olives from the deli (like I should have).  Jewel doesn't have assorted olives in their deli case.  Again.. last time I shop there.  And the tangerines are pricy as hell because of the frost that Florida had!  Oh woah to me!

Snobby Chef Tip:  I learned that you should keep your crushed red pepper in the freezer.  It keeps it fresh (and spicy) longer.  I keep mine in a Ziploc freezer bag (Glass in the freezer is a no-no).  As a general rule you should refridgerate any red spices (such as cayenne pepper and paprika) to stretch out their shelf life.

The Results

Fast:  NO!  This recipe takes at least 2 days to make.  Hello, that's not fast.  I was surprised to even see it in this calendar entitled "FAST, Easy, & Fresh".

Easy:  Yes!  Now this recipe may not be fast, but it is easy.  Just throw everything in a jar (I did it in a tupperware container) and shake it once in a while for the next two day. 

Fresh:  The orange and rosemary really give the olives a nice flavor.  It's different.

Overall:  I like it.  I would try this again with fresh olives from the deli case.  (I'm not a big fan of jarred olives.)  The combination of spices, rosemary, and orange really pep them up.  The use of the coriander seeds in this recipe is much better than the salmon from yesterday. 

Tomorrow = Polish dinner at school.  I will try to take some pictures and post them on Sunday (with the dessert recipe for the weekend).


joybjoyful said...

You are drinking an old-fashioned without me??? That is so wrong. But I guess as long as one of us is drinking one, it's okay! Good luck with the Polish dinner on Saturday. You will completely ROCK!!

Peace said...

I'm sorry, I don't do olives, they are icky yucky poo to me. On a different note, I also had orange chicken tonight, from a dollar-scoop place. It was also rather bland. I am in search of the perfect French Dip. No luck yet. Especially not at the Chinese place. :OP

Okay, before I type in the Secret Word blogger makes me enter before I post a comment, I have to tell you the Secret Word is "retsin" -where have I heard that..some mint or breath thing..Dentyne gum?..argh that's gonna bug me now. Might be spelled differently tho. :O)

SuperStar Chef Mark said...

Retsin? Isn't that the stuff in the middle of Certs mints? Ohh...I love French Dips too.

And Joy, don't be hatin' on me just cause I'm getting my drink on.