Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26th - Wisconsin Mac and Cheese


I'm in line at the library yesterday returning some CD's I had borrowed for the Polish dinner (Titles Include: Yan Yanick's Mega Folk Hits,  Polska Polkas, and The Best of Swetgorski).  I also had to clear up the fact that one of the books I returned last week was still on my account saying I never returned it. 

A lady gets behind me.  She only has 3 books in her hand.  I figured that my issue might take a while because I have a history of breaking technology.  I kid you not, everytime I need to do a return at a store or look up a book title at the library, either the cash register goes down or the computer starts on fire.  It must have something to do with the negative magnetic waves I exude.  So, I figured I'd spare this lady 10 minutes of wasted time by letting her skip ahead of me (being the nice guy I am)

I turn to her.  "You can go ahead of me if you'd like?".

She gives me a suspicious look "Why?"

Not wanting to get into it I say, "I have got to talk to the librarian about a fine."

"You have to talk to the librarian about a fire?"

Okay, I guess I have to get into it.  "No.  A fine.  The library says that I didn't return a book that I did return last week.  I have to get them to research it and it might take a while."


"So I thought you might be in a hurry and I didn't want you to have to wait."

She says to me with a sarcastic tone. "Yes.  I'm always in a hurry."

Okay what's that suppose to mean?  "I'm just trying to be polite," I say.  I look down and see she has kids books in her hand.

So the librarian calls "Can I help you?" and I look at the woman.  She humpfs and goes to the counter.  Then, she chats up the librarian for about five minutes and keeps glancing over her shoulder at me.  Is she doing it on purpose??  I'm just trying to be nice.  She leaves.

I get up to the counter and tell her my story about the book and how I returned it.  I tell her how it says in the computer that it's still checked out.  She looks in the computer and says "I don't see a book.  I just see the CD's your returning today."  Oye Vey. 


After making this recipe, I looked around my kitchen and saw a slew of dirty dishes!  What the frick?  How could I have managed to use so many bowls and pots and utensils?  I'm so ashamed of myself.  I felt like a culinary school student. 


Noodles:  $1.29
Wheat bread:  Had
Butter & Flour:  Had
Milk: $2.79
Broth:  Had
Green Onion:  $0.79
Cheddar Cheese $3.99

Total: 8.86

The Results

Fast:  Actually this recipe took about 30 minutes.  So I guess it's fast-ish.

Easy:  Yeah, somewhat.   The thickening of the milk and broth is probably the hardest part.  The recipe is kind of putzy.

Fresh:  Not really.  If there were some fresh herbs in it, I would say yes, but there aren't..so no.

Overall:  It's your typical Mac and Cheese that needs to be doctored up.  I would like fresh basil in it.
It's pretty...meh...just like this blog entry.


Nikki said...

NOoooooo! I was really hoping for a good Mac and Cheese. It's great comfort food and wonderful for this cold weather. Not to mention, I Luurve Cheese! :)

Sorry to heard about the beyatch at the library. What's up with people?

O Arrow said...

This recipe sounds so good! I'm a sucker for cheese. What's up with the b-face at the library? I hate when I try to be nice and people act like I'm somehow trying to scam them!